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</video> <center> <font color="Green"><h1> لبیک یا مهدی <br> Mersad - Gray Industry</br></font></h1>
   <h2><font color="white">لبیک یا مهدی <span class="style3"><br> Hacked By Mersad</br>
  <p class="style6"> [<span class="style3">Y0ur B0x 0wned By</span> Sh4dow] </p>
  <p class="style7"><span class="style2"> <span class="style1">..::</span> We Are</span> Iranians<span class="style3"> Mehdi Devoted ::..  </span></p>
  <span class="style1"><a false="" bgcolor="#000000"><h3> <br>We Are Mehdi Devotes - We are the soldiers of Allah</br>
<br>Our enemy, the enemy Mehdi are - our enemies, the enemies of Allah are </br>
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  <p class="style6"> [<span class="style3"></span>  ] </p></h2>
  <font color="red"><h1> <br>We Are:Sh4dow - Motawari - And All Freinds</br></center>