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Environment, Health & Safety

AGIS has a dedicated Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) department committed to implementing best practices to ensure health& safety of employees & to conserve the environment. The Company has adopted an integrated Environment, Health & Safety Management System (EHSMS) which is approved &certified by the regulatory authority of Abu Dhabi – ZonesCorp. EHS is an integral part of the company`s business process and all its activities are carried out in strict compliance with the local regulations and with utmost respect for the environment.

AGIS is committed to ensuring safety of its employees, contractors and all stakeholders with an ultimate goal of zero harm to people and the environment. The EHS department organizes regular training and safety awareness programmes for employees at all levels in the company. There is active involvement of all its employees towards preserving the integrity of the environment. The company has undertaken various in-house projects towards conserving natural resources and improving greenery in its locality.